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Last Will and Testament

The Last Will and Testament (LWT), also known as ‘will publish message’, is the message that’s published by the broker if the client disconnected ungracefully or with the reason code DISCONNECT_WITH_WILL_MESSAGE.

The only mandatory properties for a ‘will publish message’ are topic and message, all others have defaults or are optional.

Example Last Will and Testament Configuration

    • mqtt5-will

    • <mqtt:config name="MQTT5">
        <mqtt:mqtt5-connection host="">
          <mqtt:mqtt5-will message="I'm out!" topic="topic/will" contentType="text/plain" 
                           qosLevel="AT_LEAST_ONCE" correlationData="data1" messageExpiryInterval="30"
                           payloadFormatIndicator="UTF8" responseTopic="response/topic" 
                           delayInterval="10" retain="true">
            <mqtt:user-properties >
              <mqtt:user-property key="custom" value="property" />

    All properties of a Will publish message are the same as of a normal publish message for MQTT5 with the addition of the delayInterval, described below.

    delayIntervalThe Server delays publishing the Will Message until the Will delayInterval has passed or the Session ends, whichever happens first. If a new Network Connection to this Session is made before the Will delayInterval has passed, the Server MUST NOT send the Will Messagenot supported
    • mqtt3-will

    • <mqtt:config name="MQTT3">
        <mqtt:mqtt3-connection host="">
          <mqtt:mqtt3-will message="I'm out !" topic="test/mule/topic" 
                           retain="true" qosLevel="EXACTLY_ONCE"/>

    All properties of a Will publish message are the same as of a normal publish message for MQTT3.

The difference between MQTT Publish properties and Will message properties is that the later properties do not support expressions, because this would generate dynamic connections for each different will message property set.

For more info about publish properties see Publish